TruFood Tasty Pairings Wet Cat Food With Chicken, Carrots & Crab




Wellness believes in giving pets a colorful palette of the best nutrition possible, so they made TruFood with whole foods from farm, field and sea.

TruFood has more of what pets need to be vibrant and happy - that's how love becomes Wellness. Layered for happiness with 70% more raw protein, TruFood Tasy Pairings feature whole-prey flavor sensations and have the textures and tastes cats love with the balanced nutrition they need.

This grain-free recipe is made from whole-prey chicken and crab with tasty, finely minced carrots in chicken broth gravy.

Key Benefits

  • A naturally grain-free recipe
  • Contains pure protein and natural superfoods
  • Gives your cat the vital antioxidants she needs
  • Easy-open cups makes plating exciting for cats
  • No wheat, corn or soy fillers

Size: 24/3Z

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