Vetericyn Plus Eye Wash for Pets




Vetericyn Plus Eye Wash for Pets is specially formulated and tested for use in and around the eyes of your pet.

Studies prove Vetericyn Plus Eye Wash for Pets to be completely safe for all species, helping alleviate irritation by removing foreign dirt and debris without stinging or discomfort to the animal.

Vetericyn Plus Eye Wash for Pets can be beneficial to maintain healthy eyes and prevent buildup of other foreign material that could cause eye infections. It is also helpful for symptoms of pinkness of the eye, eye abrasions, and eye irritation. From your home to the farm or ranch, Vetericyn makes caring for your pet simple and easy.

Key Benefits

  • Especially formulated to treat wounds while not harming any healthy tissue. Kills 99.99% of all single-cell pathogens in 30 seconds including bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores
  • A positive side benefit of using this product is that it will reduce or completely eliminate wound odors
  • This product is as safe as saline and is not harmful to the environment or the animal. This solution will not even stain clothing or furniture after application
  • Great for use on all types of animals. This product will work just as great on a dog as it would on a horse
  • Designed to be easy to use which improves your animals compliance when applying the product. Great for irritated eyes suffering from burning, stinging, itching, or irritations
Size: 4oz.

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