Van Ness Cat Pan Starter Kit

Van Ness

$16.95 $17.75


Give your kitten utmost care with the Van Ness Kit N Kaboodle Cat Starter Kit.  This kitten starter kit includes a framed cat pan, food dish, water dish, litter scoop,  and pan liners.

Made using a premium-quality material, all the items featured in the kit  are sturdy and long-lasting. It is enameled with a blue finish.

This starter kit contains all the necessities to train kittens and ensures better hygiene for them.

You can separate the dry and wet food in the double dishes. The Kit N Kaboodle Cat Starter Kit from Van Ness is made in the United States of America. 

Great gift for new cat owner!  Kitty approved!

Five products make cat care neat and easy
  • Large framed cat pan
  • Double dish for dry and wet cat food
  • Single dish for water
  • Litter scoop and cat pan liners (12 Count)
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