Tidy Cats Breeze Litter Box System

Tidy Cats



Tidy Cats understands the need for low-maintenance litter box control. So for the past fifty years, they have been committed to combining high quality ingredients to create a great result: a fresh-smelling home.

Say good-bye to other messy litters! Breeze Litter System uses specially-designed, cat-friendly Breeze Litter Pellets that are 99.9% dust free and anti-tracking.

Breeze Litter Pellets allow urine to pass through to an odor controlling Breeze Cat Pad in a protective tray. The urine is quickly absorbed leaving solid waste on top for quick, easy removal and a clean cat litter box.

Key Benefits

  • Low-maintenance litter box control
  • No more mess of fine granules and tracking litter all over the house
  • Pellets allow urine to pass through to the odor-controlling Breeze Cat Pad underneath
  • Disposable cat pads absorbs and controls urine odor
  • 99.9% dust free

What's Included

Breeze litter box, litter scoop, 3.5-lb bag of Breeze litter pellets, 4 Breeze pads.

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