Precise Canine Senior Dog Food




Precise® Senior Formula is specifically formulated for the nutritional needs of older dogs, and can help prevent serious problems known to shorten an aging dog's life.


It has reduced calories to help dogs maintain their weight and avoid obesity. It also has reduced sodium content to help reduce potentially damaging water build-up around the heart.


Yet it does not contain the chemicals found in many dog foods suspected of causing cancer, shortening life, and causing possible damage to internal organs. Our Senior Formula is a superior quality food made of real meat protein, whole grains, natural preservatives and antioxidants, vitamins, and chelated minerals.


Conventional wisdom once was that that senior dogs needed less protein. However, that only caused them to lose muscle and have less energy. Instead, our senior formulation features normal adult protein levels and moderate fat to provide energy.


Size: 15Lbs.


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