Petmate Cafe Food and Water Feeders - Blue

Coastal Pet Products

$9.95 $11.45


Petmate Pet Cafe© Waterer

The Petmate Pet Cafe© 1.5liter Waterer simplifies your life while enhancing the life of your pet. Featuring an automatic gravity design that keeps your pet hydrated by replenishing your pet's water supply.  The eco-friendly water hopper automatically fills the water reservoir when levels get low and features a large water dispensing hole making the bottle easy to clean. The Pet Cafe's fashionable base features easy-grab cutouts making the waterer easy to maneuver. 


Petmate's Pet Cafe© Feeder

Make feeding time easy and save time with Petmate's Pet Cafe© Feeder. This stylishly designed gravity feeder automatically replenishes the food reservoir when levels get low. Features an eco-friendly food storage hopper with an extra-wide mouth and removable lid making the Pet Cafe Feeder easy to clean and refill. The fashionable base features easy-grab cutouts making the feeder easy to maneuver. Compliments any home décor.


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