PetConfirm General Wellness Test



The PetConfirm General Wellness Test is a combo test enabling pet parents with geriatric, overweight or at risk pets to monitor their pet's general health conditions on an ongoing basis. Symptoms that are disease-related might not be noticeable for pet parents, especially with cats known to be stoic.

The PetConfirm General Wellness Test detects three key parameters in pet urine: blood, glucose and protein. Hematuria is a condition which causes blood to be present in urine and indicates serious underlying diseases ranging from infection or inflammation of the urinary tract to cancer. Glucose in urine is an indication of Diabetes that needs to be screened and monitored regularly. It is a very common disease with older and overweight pets.

With the PetConfirm General Wellness Test, pet parents have an affordable tool to screen their pets for the most common health conditions at an early stage.
Petconfirm Wellness Home Testing Kit for Cats and Dogs:
  • Detects the indicators of kidney disease, diabetes and urinary tract pathology in your dog's and cat's urine: blood, leukocytes (white blood cells) and nitrite
  • Accurate result available in 2 minutes
  • Pain-free, non-invasive and simple to use at home
  • 2 tests per kit
  • Clean and reliable

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