Nylabone Advanced Oral Dental Kit for Senior Dogs


$8.95 $10.90


Proactively support your senior dog's oral health without causing discomfort to sensitive teeth and gums using the gentle, yet effective toothbrush and toothpaste in this dental kit.

The toothbrush cleans your canine's teeth with ultrasoft nylon tips and rubs away plaque and tartar, while the bacon-flavored toothpaste keeps your dog's tail wagging.

As your canine companion reaches his or her golden years, the teeth and gums can grow sensitive, causing your beloved pooch discomfort. Treat your dog's mouth with care while still ensuring an effective clean with this Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Senior Dog Dental Kit.

Specially designed to offer gentle treatment for your senior dog's sensitive teeth and gums, the toothbrush uses ultrasoft nylon tips to clean between teeth and rubber massagers to clear away plaque and tartar. The Pet Dental toothpaste treats your pooch to a delicious bacon flavor, making good oral health pleasant for your dog.

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