Lixit Water Boy Portable Dog Bowl 3 Qt - On SALE


$13.95 $19.48


When you’re on the go, the Lixit Travel Dog Water Bottle is handy to have for thirsty pets. It’s great to take along when traveling in an RV, SUV, truck, car or boat or even on camping trips.


The spill-proof design keeps things dry as your pet laps up water. You’ll never have to stop and search for a water bowl again with this convenient bowl.


Key Benefits

BPA-free plastic travel bowl that keeps water level low to prevent splashing

Spill-proof design for less mess, won't spill even if flipped

Provides a supply of fresh water, great for both cats and dogs

Use in RVs, SUVs, trucks, cars or boats


Size: Holds 3 quarts (2.84 L) of water


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