Kitty Malt Hairball Remedy

Kitty Malt



8 in 1 understands the special needs of cats and their kittens. Their premium line of cat products includes an array of essential grooming, health care remedies, supplements and accessories for the unique feline needs. KittyMalt Hairball Remedy helps hairballs easily pass through digestive system.

When cats groom their coat, they ingest a certain amount of hair that clumps into hairballs. Without help to rid these from their digestive system, they can evolve into intestinal blockages that may need to be surgically removed!

While it’s not pleasant to have your cat hacking up hairballs on your carpet, that’s preferable to the alternative. Hairball remedies like this help to lubricate a hairball’s way through the digestive tract for easier elimination.

  • Given daily
  • Helps prevent future build-ups
  • Delicious paste formula
  • 2.5-ounce tube
  • Puddy & Katie approved! Two Paws Up!

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