K-10+ Supplement Omega Water Additive




K-10+ Omega-3 Supplement For Your Dog's Water eliminates the need for hard to swallow pills and messy gels. Tear open a packet of K-10+, pour the contents into your dogs water bowl and simply add water. Each packet of K-10+ Omega-3 provides your dog with essential vitamins and fatty acids.

Our K-10+ Omega-3 formula is designed to support hair follicle strength, skin comfort, normal shedding, proper skin tone and hydration. In addition, each formula is meant to address the look and feel of your dog's skin and coat by supporting softness and sheen.

Each box contains 28 individual, pre-measured packet of powder and will last approximately one month depending on the size of the dog. Scientifically formulated to: -Maintain a shiny coat and healthy skin -Support proper growth and development -Help to reduce shedding.

Size: 28 Packets


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