Dingo Egg & Bacon Breakfast Bites




Dingo Breakfast Bites are the perfect way to start your dog's morning. Youll have your devoted dog eating out of the palm of your hand when you reward them with these Dingo Breakfast Bites. These bacon and egg shaped treats are bursting with flavor that your furry friend will want any time of day.

They have a delicious flavor and unique bacon and egg shapes. These dog chew treats come in a 10 pack. The pieces are made with real bacon for extra added flavor and help to clean teeth through the natural action of chewing. These treats are ideal for all breeds and sizes of dogs.

The Dingo brand combines powerful flavors and benefits to create bones, chews and treats that are sure to keep you and your dog wanting more. With a wide variety of shapes and flavors, there are options for any size companion. Reward your dog with a delicious treat that satisfies you both! 

  • Dingo dog treats are a delicious snack packed with flavor
  • Unique bacon and egg shapes make breakfast fun any time of the day
  • The bacon shapes are made with real bacon your dog will crave
  • Each chew also works to promote clean teeth from the natural action of chewing
  • America's number 1 rawhide brand
  • Suitable for all breeds and sizes of dogs

Size 10pk

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