Darford Naturals Dog Treats




Nothing is better than a peanut buttery treat. If your dog loves peanut butter then the Peanut Butter Darford Natual Dog Treat is the treat for them. 

Don't let bad breath be a problem in your dog's life, give them the CharMint Darford Natural Mini Dog Treats. 

It is simple, cheese is delicious. Human love it, dogs love it. Let your dog enjoy the appetizing Cheddar Cheese Darford Naturals Mini Dog Treats. 

Give your dog the healthy yet delicious treat of the Liver and Flax Darford Naturals Dog Treat. – Liver and Flaxseed Minis are healthy rewards that never spoil dinner! 

  • All Natural Ingredients
  • No meat by-products
  • No artificial Colors of Flavors

Why We Love It: 

This tiny treat packs a lot of flavors that your dog will love. All natural ingredients from North America. Contains no soy or corn. Made in a government inspected, certified organic bakery. Great training treats for amateurs and professionals 

Size: 14.1oz

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