Tomlyn Multi-Vitamin Chews for Small Dogs


$16.95 $17.99


 You’ll have no problems getting your puppy to eat his daily vitamins with the tasty flavor of Tomlyn Multi-Vitamin Bacon Flavor Small Dog Chews. These chews are soft enough for pups of all ages to eat, and they’re scientifically formulated to keep them in peak condition. A carefully selected mix of vitamins, amino acids, probiotics and enzymes work together to help maintain your furry friend’s vision, bone, teeth, skin, brain and heart health.

Key Benefits

  • Scientifically formulated and loaded with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, probiotics, and enzymes
  • Provides nutrients essential for healthy eyes, bones, teeth, skin, brain, and heart
  • Helps maintain overall health and keep your pup in peak condition
  • Formulated by veterinarians for small dogs under 30 pounds
  • Bacon flavor makes administering to your dog easy and enjoyable

    Size: 30ct

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