Furminator Long Hair Dog Deshedding Tools




The FURminator DeShedding Tools for Dogs feature patented deshedding edges that reach beneath your dog’s topcoat to gently and effectively remove loose undercoat hairs before they’re a problem.


Able to reduce shedding by up to 90%, these advanced tools are used and recommended by professional dog groomers and veterinarians.


FURejector button makes removing hair from the tool a breeze. Tools are designed to accommodate specific dog sizes and hair lengths.


Reduces shedding by up to 90%, Gentle and effective, Used by dog groomers and veterinarians



Toy: 1.25 inches, for long hair dogs up to 10 lbs
Small 1.75 inches, for long hair dogs up to 20 lbs
Medium: 2.65 inches, for long hair dogs 21-50 lbs 
Large: 4 inches, for long hair dogs 51-90 lbs
Giant: 5 inches, for long hair dogs over 90 lbs 


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