Bladder Control Chewables for Dogs




Support your dog's normal urinary system health with natural botanicals. Ideal for spayed or elderly dogs

Smoked ham and pork liver flavor in a dog-favorite chewable
Give your dog a tasty chewable to support his bladder and other parts of a healthy urinary system.

Bladder Control chewables for dogs contain a powerful combination of herbs and isoflavones that work together to help support normal bladder control and a normal urinary system in spayed females and elderly canines.

Synergistic ingredients work together to help strengthen the bladder wall and facilitate bladder emptying. Natural botanical ingredients include pumpkin seed powder, as well as wild yam, cranberry, and saw palmetto extracts.

Blend also includes Vitamin C, an antioxidant nutrient, for support of a healthy immune system. Smoked ham/pork liver flavored chewables. For dogs.

Size: 90 Ct

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