Ark Naturals Happy Traveler Dog & Cat Soft Chews

Ark Naturals

$13.95 $16.99


Formulated with the highest quality botanicals, Happy Traveler was designed by a holistic veterinarian and PhD herbal scientist to ease anxiety and motion sickness. Useful for separation anxiety, travel anxiety, to socialize a nervous or excitable pet into a new environment, during thunderstorms, fireworks, airline travel, visits to groomers, vets, and kennels.

  • When your two-legged kid goes to the doctor, they should always get a lollipop. When your four-legged pal has to go, a Happy Traveler Chew is the treat of the day! Ark Naturals Happy Traveler Dog & Cat Soft Chews contain all-natural, herbal ingredients that relieve stress related to car and plane trips, vet visits, or separation anxiety from cats and dogs. They're non-habit forming and great for pets recovering from surgery, too!
  • Contains all-natural ingredients
  • Reduces stress levels
  • Calming chews great for use during thunderstorms or fireworks
  • Non-habit forming, all-natural calming chew

Size: 75ct.

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