Almo Legend Beef Can Dog Food (Case)




Almo Nature Legend Beef Adult Canned Dog Food is rich in pure, quality protein with high biological value because it’s prepared with the only the best cuts of meat.

The beef comes from Uruguay, a small country in the heart of South America covered with green pastures and free range cattle, to ensure your pup is eating the healthiest meal possible.

This yummy recipe also contains a small percentage of fiber-rich rice to help maintain intestinal flora, lysine and magnesium levels.

Key Benefits

  • Contains up to 55% of cooked meat or fish that is preserved naturally in its cooking water with a small amount of rice (3%) and nothing else
  • Enriched with high quality fibers from vegetables and tapioca
  • Prepared with the best cuts of beef from free-range cattle
  • Rice provides an excellent source of fiber to maintain intestinal flora, lysine and magnesium
  • This is intended for supplemental feeding only. It should be served daily along with a complete and balanced diet

Size 12/9.87oz Cans

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