8in1 Erliworm Liquid De-Wormer


$9.95 $10.99


Do you think your dog getting too skinny or underweight than it should be? If you do not see any problem concerning its appetite and it is still eating the usual amount of food, your dog may be suffering from roundworms living in its intestines.

This kind of problem often happens in dogs and other animals, especially the young ones, and can affect their weight and make them vulnerable to diseases. Roundworm infestation is also easy to transmit from animal to animal so you should make sure that you rid your pet of this condition.

It is a safe formula which can be given even to kittens and puppies. It also comes in tasty carob flavor which cats and dogs love, so it is easy to give the medicine to them directly or as a tasty additive in their regular food. It is formulated by Erliworm, a trusted name in the manufacture of medications to keep pets healthy and parasite-free.
Size: 4oz.

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