Excel Ear Wipes for Dogs


$9.95 $10.99


Excel Cleansing Pads make keeping your furry friend's ears easy! These easy-to-use wipes gently and effectively remove dirt and dissolve wax build-up.

Key Benefits

  • Smelly ears and a pup that shakes their head frequently could be a sign of an ear infection. It's easy to prevent this by properly cleaning and maintaining them.
  • Excel Cleansing Pads clean & dissolves wax build-up that's hiding in your pet's ear.
  • Non-irritating, soothing formula that provides a gentle cleansing and helps rid your pet of smelly ears.
  • Easy to use wipes, just gently wipe the accessible portion of your pet's ear with the convenient pad and watch waxy build-up go away.
  • Great for dogs & cats and made in the USA!


Propylene Glycol, Malic Acid, Saclicyclic Acid, Benzoic Acid.

Size: 90 Pads

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