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Perfect Coat

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Good for puppies, ill or senior dogs with sensitive skin.

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Perfect Coat shampoos contain quality ingredients essential for maintaining your pet’s skin and coat. Specially formulated with extra mild and tearless ingredients, Tender Care Baby Powder Puppy Shampoo gently cleans and protects your puppy's delicate skin and coat.

Keratin and jojoba oils condition the coat and leave it soft and fluffy, while a long-lasting baby powder fragrance leaves your puppy smelling fresh and clean. The Easy Rinse formula prevents shampoo solids from settling on your pet’s coat during lather, and easily washes away during rinsing, cutting bathing time in half.

Gentle on your dog's delicate skin and fur. Deeply conditions and protects with milk proteins. Leaves a fresh baby powder scent. Formulated with keratin and jojoba oils. Made with mild and tearless ingredients

Size: 16oz

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